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18+ Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead 2 2013 Full Movie HDRip 480p

What I am sure of is that Lust of the Dead 2 delivers enough sex and violence to please those who simply love Japan’s more outrageous cinematic efforts. This second helping of deviant weirdness continues on directly from the first film, which ended with the nuclear devastation of Tokyo and the birth of a glowing baby to lesbian couple Momoko and Nozomi (Alice Ozawa). Married couple Shinji and Maki (Ren Miyamura) are forced to leave the safety of their home after an attack from a zombie, and wander the apocalyptic city landscape, where they are hunted by platoons of Otaku (virginal Anime fans who are unaffected by the zombie virus). Fortunately, the couple find sanctuary with an armed group of women who are keen to run tests on Shinji to discover why he is not a zombie. Meanwhile, a sexy American robot sent to aid the survivors does battle with the Otaku.

Rape zombie 2 Is A Movie Full With Hot Action sex or nudity , …



Rape Zombie 2 : Lust of the Dead 2012 Adult (18+) Unrated Full Movie .

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While the first one is not a enjoyable or smart, in any way whatsoever, this second “movie” in the franchise is just plain dumb. It fails in every level. Not a single aspect of this is salvageable. They even have a scene where the actors walk in place pretending to stroll down the street on a green screen. This is laughable, and not in a “so bad its good” way Furthermore, how is this not called just porn?


Rape Zombie Lust of the Dead 2 is sequel second-part zombie-apocalypse alternate-version undead-sex

Certificate: 18+

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Duration: 67 min

Quality: 18+


IMDb: 3.9